About Us

Pt-Gamma is a proficiency testing (PT) provider originating from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. As a PT provider, we support customers by providing a robust infrastructure through which the testing and the calibration laboratories and the inspection bodies can evaluate their performance and assess the measurable quality of their routine analyses. 

Pt-Gamma is providing internationally recognized PT services in the following fields: 

- Measurement and Calibration

- Construction Materials

- Materials and engineering materials

- Environment

- Food and Feed

- Oil

- Non-Destructive testing (NDT)

- Medical

- Cosmetics, self-care products, cleaning products

- Inspection

Interlaboratory comparison for testing and calibration

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Our mission is to provide an internationally recognized and high-quality proficiency testing services in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17043 and related standards.


We aspire towards being your first choice for high-quality proficiency testing services.


High-quality customer service, Integrity, doing what is right and ensuring the highest degree of compliance and safety

As a proficiency test provider, we promise:
  • To continuously tailor and update our testing programs to support all laboratories
  • To provide high quality samples tailored to various scopes of analytical testing
  • To provide fast customer service aid throughout our services
  • To provide well-guided support to testing facilities
  • To remain coherent and honest through all our services
  • To maintain continuous communication and feedback with participants throughout the testing process
  • To maintain strong affiliations with local accreditation bodies for continuous improvement and compliance with set national and international standards and guidelines